The Tabernacle Prayer Plan

Learn how YOU were designed to take the presence of God with you wherever you go!

In this class, you will discover the biblical keys to prayer according to lessons learned from the tabernacle. You will learn how the tabernacle prayer plan is relevant today, and you will look at the significance of each element in the tabernacle.

Each detail foretold the coming Messiah and His work of atonement. From the way the camp was situated around the tabernacle to each piece of furniture, everything about the tabernacle spoke of Jesus Christ. As you closely examine the priesthood, the furnishings, and the sacrifices, you will see more about who our Savior is and His love for us than you ever thought possible. 

What you'll get:

  • Nine Videos from Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling
  • The Tabernacle Syllabus (PDF download) 
  • Bonus: The Tabernacle Prayer Plan booklet (PDF download)

PDF files can be downloaded, saved, and/or printed.

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